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19 Things You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of

There are things in your household you take for granted. Objects you believe have a single purpose but are more than meets the eye! If you are someone who enjoys learning new things keep reading this article. You will find the real purpose of these 19 objects you already own.

19. Headrests for car seats

The headrest in your car does more than just give your head something lean on when you’re behind the wheel. In case of emergency, the headrest can be used to smash your window (assuming you have no other way of getting out of your vehicle).

18. Take out coffee cup lids

Lids inside cups don’t just stop your beverages from getting out. Lids can also be beneficial for table etiquette! Simply remove the lid, then put it beneath your cup. Your The lid’s three ridges are designed to hold a cup in its place. As such, you needn’t worry about rings of water getting your wooden table anymore!

17. The number on your ketchup bottle

As retro as bottled ketchup is, it can also be quite frustrating to use. However, extracting catchup out of a glass bottle isn’t as hard as you think. That #57 is on the label for a reason. Give the number of hard tap, and the red condiment will flow out of its container generously.

16. The camera on your iPhone

When a rear camera is being used, the front camera serves as a microphone.

15. Hinges beneath keyboards

The small steps beneath your keyboard aren’t purposed to give your wrists support. In fact, keyboards are more ergonomic if they are positioned flat on a desk. A keyboard’s hinges allow you to optimize the visibility of your entire keyboard as you type.

14. The loops in your shoelaces 

The small loops in your shoelaces have an actual purpose. For optimal ankle support, the loop locks can be used to keep your feet secure once they are inside of your footwear.

13. A Tic-tac’s lid

The container holding your Tic-tac’s has a lid. The little oval-shape is actually a dispenser for your mints. You can take out Tic-tac’s individually if the container is shaken at a certain angle.

12. The hole in a pen cap

Some people mistakenly believe that a pen cap prevents ink from getting dry. Others think the cap’s purpose is to level-out pressure, which stops the flowing of ink. The actual reason isn’t so intricate: your pen’s lid reduces choking hazards. In the event that a child chews the lid and chokes on it, the child’s airway won’t be completely closed thanks to the hole.

11. White and blue erasers

While it is no secret that a blue portion of an eraser can be used to rub-out pen ink, such removal is only feasible on thick paper. Be mindful that blue portions of erasers are more abrasive and harder than their white counterparts.

10. Boot loops

These loops do more than just push your heels down you can also use them to hang boots from a hook when you’re not wearing them. Loops can also be used to wrap laces around your ankles for extra support.

9. Spaghetti spoons

A spaghetti spoon allows water to flow from the utensil. Filtering pasta is another reason why the hole is in the spoon. Be mindful that the hole probably won’t be any bigger than the width of a spaghetti strand.

8. The plastic caps of water and soda bottles

Have you ever wondered what that small circular piece of plastic under the lid of a bottle is used for? Its purpose is to produce a seal, which will keep a bottle’s contents fresh (both carbonates and liquid drinks). If this small plastic wasn’t there, you would wind up with a flat-tasting drink.

7. The creases in dress pants

These creases are known as “travelers creases” as men used folded their trousers in a certain way when on the road. They did this to keep a crease intact whenever pants were removed from luggage.

6. Scoops for ice cream

Have you noticed that some stores sell ice cream scoops in various colors? This is because certain colors correspond to a specific scoop size!

5. Toothpaste tube codes

Regardless of what toothpaste brand you are partial to, they all have a colorful bar near the tube’s end. This code is called an optical scanner, and it tells manufacturers where to seal the tube.

4. Extra button and fabric

The extra buttons or fabrics that come with your pants or shirt aren’t replacements! They are included by the manufacturer so various detergents can be tested on those small samples. You can check to see out how certain chemicals react to your materials without ruining your entire.

3. The tab of your soda can

Drinking soda on hot summer days can be quite refreshing. If you use a straw to sip soda, keep it in position by inserting it through the tab hole on your can. You don’t have to worry about the straw bobbing around anymore.

2. The shape of a diamond on your backpack

This small diamond allows you to tie something to a backpack  like your shoes  so that your hands remain free for other purposes.

1. Padlock holes

The small hole in a padlock lets water seep from it in exterior settings. That way, the lock won’t freeze in the winter or rust after rainfall.

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