3 DIY Ideas For Home Decoration


I love decorating my home. I am not particularly artistic, but it gives me great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment when I am able to create something that actually looks nice enough to be put up in public. Decorating your home also allows your guests to get to know you a bit more and understand your likes and dislikes. The decoration in a house is like sharing the personality of the home and all the people inside. The decorations and work make the people living in the home happier. It also gives me a lot of pleasure when people comment on how interesting or unique a particular decoration is. 

The ideas in this article are not the only ideas out there. These are examples that I have in my home that will hopefully help you get ideas flowing. The decoration in your home will define how people see your home. Prior to starting on a project, think of what message you want to send with the artwork. Is this something purely for yourself and will be placed in the bedroom? Or is the bathroom missing a focal point? Decoration can also be fun to do and act as great conversation starters. They do not have to be perfect, as long as it suits your taste and style, it can be considered as the perfect piece.

Colored Door Edges :

Doors are great. They offer privacy and close off an area you do not want people entering. They also work to keep noise out and prevent pets or children from breaking things behind the door. However, they can get pretty boring as they are always the same color. There are no patterns on it, nor do they come in interesting colors. Doors are generally white, wood stained, or brown. Painting a whole door or getting a new door can be a big project. The upgraded door could also stand out and look awkward from the rest of the house. However, I have found the perfect way to style up a door without compromising the overall theme of the house.

I personally really like my door now, The secret is the edge of the door. I don’t mean the left side or the right side of the door. I mean that little surface area that is about 3 centimeters thick and is where the tab that keeps the door closed is. Decorate the entire edge with patterned Washi tape, Whether it is a subtle design or something loud and eye popping, it is a great place to decorate. When the door is closed, it will look uniform and the same as everyone else. However, when someone opens the door, they will catch a glimpse of your personality. It adds a personal touch to the particular room the door is attached to and the look of surprise on people’s face when they see it is priceless!

Candle Jars :

I always have way too many candles in my home. Different colors, different shapes, and different sizes. Eventually, I will get to using all of them. However, in the meantime, they can be reused as decoration. Candles do not necessarily have to be light. If you have a large amount of tea candles, why not place them into a large jar and use it as a center piece? The different colors of the tea candles will make the jar look fun and interesting. You can also take multiple small jars and stack of build candles into them and use this as decoration. I personally really like this idea. I know that eventually I will end up using all my candles because I love lighting candles, but while they are waiting, why bother with putting them in the closet? I can use them as building blocks and either build something that will look interesting or create an interesting decoration piece with it. When the time comes that I need to light them, I can also do that without having to look for them!

Screen Door Welcome Message :

Some homes have screen doors on the outside of their door. This means that in order to let a guest in, one has to first open their door, then open their screen door. This door is great it lets the air flow through the house. I decided to experiment on finding a way to make the door look nice. So taking a thread and some yarn, I threaded a welcome message into the screen. That way, any guests coming in will be able to see and enjoy the message while they wait for me to open the door. It provides a nice touch to a discreet door.

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