Amazing Features In This 47 Things

46. Notebook Margins

Image source: alibaba

Though most of us prefer to use laptops, many people still use paper notebooks. A lot of people limit what they write to the confines of outlined margins displayed on each page. This was not the original intention of the margin, though.

Back in the day, rats were an ongoing concern for homeowners. These people would lose valuable written content often because rats had a tendency to chew through paper. To keep damage to a minimum, manufacturers began including margins on a paper’s left side, hoping that the content people wrote between the margins would remain intact, post-chew.

45. Take-Out Containers

Image source: google: Labelled for Reuse

As with condiment cups made of paper seen at various eateries, take-out boxes for food have a very similar purpose.

Take-out containers can be folded out to make a makeshift plate. Your food can be consumed in the container it comes in, which can then be thrown out after the meal. Such containers are particularly convenient for students in college.


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