9 simple Ways To Decorate Your Home


Home decorating can be expensive and time consuming if you don’t know how and where to find low cost, stylish decor. There’s great news, great decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune, in fact, it really doesn’t have to cost a thing! If you are looking to decorate a new home or apartment there are many ways and places to get a jumpstart on getting great home decor to fill your empty spaces for free! Sometimes, all it takes to decorate a space is thinking creatively and out of the box when making decorating decisions.

1- Seashells/ Sea Glass: If you live near the beach, there are loads of beautiful seashells and sea glass lining the shore. There you will find all different shapes, colors and sizes ranging from large to small. Use them in the bathroom for vase fillers, soap and tealight holders.

2- Host a Home Decor Swap: Plan a free home decor swapping party with your friends and neighbors to get new and different pieces for your home.

3- Paint Chip Samples: Visit your local home improvement store, go to the paint section and gather free paint chip colors. You can use them in photo frames or create unique one-of-a-kind art project to match your wall colors, pillows, bedding colors etc. You can even use them to cover an entire wall!

4- Pine Cones: Look for pine cones at parks and  wooded areas. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes. Use in baskets, as tree ornaments and table display during the Christmas season, in wide glass vessels and on trays combined with other decor. It also makes the house smell fantastic!

5- Seaweed: Gather seaweed from beach and let dry in the sun. Place them in colorful outdoor pots and other containers spilling it over and down the sides.

6- Wrapping Paper/ Tissue Paper: After a party, save all of the pretty wrapping and tissue paper used to wrap your gifts. You can recycle them to use for wall art, book coverings and wall treatments.

7- Free Art Printables: There are a ton of them online you could print up and use for art displays on walls, book covers or in a beautiful frame.

8- Envelopes: Those of us who still get bills in the mail, they always include an extra free envelope for you to mail back a check. Use the free envelopes on an office desk as a staging prop.

9- Rocks/ Pebbles/ Stones: Like to hike? Take along a backpack and look for interesting shaped rocks and pebbles to use in planters and flower boxes. Use the pebbles to line a flower bed or in a water fountain.

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