15 Uses For Aluminum Foil

Got a problem with kitchen accessory, Aluminum foil offers the best solution, it is an exceptional material with many uses. On  the next page you will find how to use aluminum foil to simplify your everyday life.

15. Create a funnel

it is possible to fill a narrow-necked container with the use of aluminum foil which can serve as funnel. This is one of the simple kitchen hacks. To get started, roll up some foil in a funnel shape and attach the small end to the neck of the container. It is highly recommended to roll the aluminum foil across the layers to avoid leakage and free movement of liquid. You can also add some pieces of tape to keep the shape firm.  

14. Remove wrinkles

Apart from removing static cling, aluminum foil can be used to remove wrinkles from your clothing materials. Before ironing, if you smooth a sheet of foil using an ironing board cover, the foil will reflect the heat from the iron’s and get rid of wrinkles efficiently. Another innovative way to use aluminum foil when ironing is to place it underneath the hole when patching something to keep the patch from sticking to the iron board. 

13. Improve scissors

This might look uncommon, but cutting through tin foil into 7 or 10 times will sharpen them. Also, it will completely remove rust on the scissor blades, try it and you will see an unexpected result.

12. Improve battery life

If your battery is low, instead of finding a replacement, you can place some pieces of aluminum foil as a temporary solution. This way you can your battery work again.


11. Get rid of static from the clothes

Tin foil balls can help to get rid of static. All you need to do is to place them in the dryer and forget about the electric shocks, clinging clothes and flying hair. Additional point: this will help your clothes to get dry quickly.

10. Spotless and Clean ironing

You don’t have to worry about staining your iron. It is just a matter of seconds before it will appear like a brand new iron. Clean it using a ball of tin foil.

9. Clean your own silverware

Using aluminum foil to clean silverware is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get your valuable pieces shine and looks new. Irrespective of the type of silverware such as flatware, trays or jewelry. Although there are different ways to maintain your silverware, but the best way to clean your silver is the use of aluminum foil.

8. Moving furniture with ease

In other to move beds, commode, couches and buffet easily, place some aluminum foil underneath the furniture or around the legs. This will allow it to move quickly on the carpet floors.

7. Remove burnt food and residues from the pans

If you can remove the stains completely using soap from last night’s burned dinner, don’t bother yourself much! Calmly scrub the cooked food using a balled-up piece of tin foil.

6. Pull rust from chrome surfaces

This is similar to burnt food, rust can be resolved with the use of a simple ball of aluminum foil. All you have to do is to gently scrub the surface affected and let it shine once again.

5. Cover plastic bags

This is amazing. If you want to seal a plastic bag, place a piece of aluminum foil on the area you will like to secure before placing a hot iron. The heat will allow the plastic melt and the foil will prevent it from sticking to the metal or surface.

4. It can serves as touchscreen

Remarkably, touchscreens work perfectly with aluminium foil. You can start by coating a pen or your finger with it to use your smartphone while wearing regular gloves.

3. Cover your home knobs

If you want to paint the door, but you didn’t have painting products again. Don’t try to manipulate things. You can cover your doorknobs using an aluminium foil to protect them.

2. Ensure that your oven is clean regularly

To prevent cleaning your oven every time, you can place a layer of aluminium foil underneath. This simple method also enables proper heat distribution.

1. Remove stain from your barbecue grill

A simple ball of aluminium can be used to clean your barbecue. You need to scrub the grill to remove the stains, then you can cook your favorite meat.

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