Top 5 Causes of Global Warming

The world is on the blink the sudden change in climate is the alarming situation for everyone. The change in climate is due to global warming which is increasing day by day, global warming is a really serious issue which need to be concerned. Global warming might be a big issue in future for governments because the rapid increase in industries is helping the global warming to increase.

Before bringing the causes of this global warming, let us first define what this global warming is. Global warming can be seen as the increase in the earth’s temperature which affects both the water, land and also the atmosphere. The temperature averagely increased by 0.75 degrees from the past 100 years. Some natural phenomena probe this global warming of which some greenhouse gases experienced in the atmosphere. The occurrence of global warming takes place when air pollutants and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere absorb rays from the sun and the radiation reaches the earth surface. Now for the benefit of this article, we will be presenting the causes of global warming in our world today.

1. Deforestation

Forests play an important role in our environment more forests means more pollution free environment the sudden change in climate is due to lack of forests. Industries use the wood as raw material which is obtained by forests it means the forests are being destroyed by industries and becoming the reason of deforestation. The deforestation is the main reason of global warming because the amount of oxygen is decreasing and the CO₂  is increasing in atmosphere.

The climate of an area is being regulated by plants as they play a key role due to the CO₂ they take in and the oxygen they release in return. The bush areas and forest serve as a carbon sink and regulate the temperature to about 1.5 degrees. Vegetation is very important but when they are being destroyed or removed, CO₂  is released into the atmosphere and this brings a negative effect that leads to global warming.

2. Fertilization and Pesticides

In modern age the people use the different fertilization’s and pesticides to increase the production from their agriculture sector. There is no doubt that the use of fertilizers and pesticides increase the production but on the other hand it release the nitrogen gas which mixes into air and become the cause of global warming.

Farming can also be seen as a cause of global warming in the sense methane is being produced by some livestock such as cattle and sheep. Also, fertilizers made from nitrogen actually released nitrous oxide and this has been a problem lately in some parts of the world.

3. Refrigerator and Air Conditioner

Refrigerators and air conditioner are being used almost in every home and office. They release special kind of gas which disturbs the ozone layer. The ozone layer is fighting for us against the ultra violet rays which come from sun. Ozone layer reduces the heat of sun if and keeps the ultra violet rays stop to come on earth directly if the ultra violets come directly on earth can be harmful for us. It is the alarming situation for us that in future the ozone layer will get weaker and ultra violets rays will come directly on earth.

4. Melting of Permafrost

Permafrost is the main source of methane usually the permafrost found in frozen position but unfortunately the warming climate is becoming the reason of permafrost melting and methane gas is releasing which is very dangerous for the atmosphere.

Permafrost can be seen as a solidified attachment in which the soil is frozen and it makes up about 25% of the land area around the hemisphere in the northern region. Carbon is being stored in the permafrost together with methane below the earth surface. This further increases the effect of greenhouse and global warming which is due to the increase in atmospheric carbon concentration. 

5. The Burning of Fuel ( Fossils)

When fossil fuel is being burnt carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Fossils fuel includes gas, oil, and coal. The major producer of CO₂ is Australia which over the years have been known to be vast compared to others. The cause of this pollution in Australia has been linked to electricity in which about 73% of the electricity is from the burning of coal and about 14% from the burning of gas. The remaining 13% is from sources such as wind, solar and hydro or water. Though less pollution is achieved when the amount of gas, coal, some energy sources. Burning of fossil fuels has over the years been known to be a major cause of global warming.