Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales on Shopify

This week, we decided to talk to the experts at SmartrMail. Thousands of Shopify stores use their software to send out tens of thousands of emails each week.

These are five email marketing strategies that you can start using Today.

1. Segment your customers

Segment your email list first. Segmenting your email list is essential to ensure you send the correct email to the right person at the right time.

There are obvious ways to segment your lists – demographic factors like age, gender, etc. But it would help if you also considered behavioral segmentation. This can be done based on factors like average order value, purchase frequency, or level of engagement with emails.

You can then automate email messages to be sent to people who have entered one of the behavioral segments.

2. Send personal emails

Email subscribers want content that’s tailored to their needs and wants.

If you’re a female shopper, there is nothing worse than getting emails about men’s clothes. It makes me want to unsubscribe.

3. Email abandoned cart emails

Aaron says cart abandonment is a problem that continues to plague eCommerce sites.

Globally, cart abandonment rates average around 67%. This means that for every customer who purchases from your store, there will be two potential customers who have placed items in their cart but never looked at them>

Every year, this means that trillions of dollars worth of products are left in abandoned shopping carts.

Savvy marketers can recover many lost sales by sending abandoned cart emails. These emails are sent to shoppers who have completed a transaction but have not yet placed an item in their cart.

4. Transmit better transactional email

Although transactional emails such as order confirmation emails may not appear to be an excellent way to increase sales, they can help. Transactional emails are read far more than any other email type. They are a great marketing tool because so many people read them.

This is possible by including a simple offer in your order confirmation email to encourage further buying.

A ‘10% discount on your next order’ offer and some product recommendations can make a big difference.

5. Make an engaging series of welcome emails

It is easy to get people to sign on to your email list. You should offer something in return, like a guide or ebook.

It is much more challenging to get people to buy.

Email marketing is a great way to do this, as it allows you to maintain a relationship with your subscribers from the moment they sign-up to your list.

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