Home Decoration For The Bedroom & Kitchen

1- Bedroom :

Our bedroom is a very important part of our home. It is the place where we can relax after surviving the battles of pressures and worries all throughout the day. It’s the place where you can charge, sleep and gain energy for the next day. Through a well decorated bedroom, you can sleep well. Therefore, here are some suggestions on how you can make your bedroom really a place of peace, relaxation and relieved.

Pillow set :

Don’t be afraid in mixing patterns of your pillow. Mix large and small, and flowery to geometric.

Tile the Patterns :

Sometimes,” patterns overload “is not a good thing especially in your bedroom. Since you want to relax your mind and body, such patterns will just give you more stress. Try to put patterns that will work as one and bring relaxation to you.

Walls at simple :

As much as possible, keep your walls simple. Lessen those decors that will just keep you distracted from your relaxation. Simple walls will surely save spaces especially in a small room.

Show your Side :

Do an “add-some to your bedroom, choose designs and styles that will reflects your personality. It can make you feel better and relaxed. 

Built comfort to your Bedroom Decorate :

It’s your relaxing piece, so you deserved a total indulgence and comfort. Go far ultra soft covers for your bed.

Prioritize your light :

After all, the light in your bedroom will add more comfort to you. A wall lamp is recommended because it emits lesser light that will disabled you to distractions.

2- Kitchen :

Your kitchen must be one of your priorities in your home. It’s a place where you prepare foods, do some cooking stuffs. A well decored kitchen really a shows how healthy your lifestyle is.

Favored corners :

Try to keep your kitchen calm with a variety of colors such as gray, cream and ivory. Maximized your storage with putting cabinets to wall.

Modernity Zone :

Unvail the uniqueness of your kitchen by using modern decors and styles. This will keep your kitchen cool and casual and good for different accommodation.

Playful Color :

You can use different colors to show your desired modern decorating style. To avoid unbalanced environment, just keep your decorations in touch with the colors you choose.

Plain white :

 Plain white colored kitchen is simple yet elegant. It shows different moods and attitudes. If you decided to choose this, make sure that your decoration materials are neutral with it. Besides, you can easily make some revision and updates on it, if you’d wish to.

On naturals :

This decoration style will make your kitchen more inviting and unique. With the use of flag stone floor, and wood-style table, it will make your kitchen a more comfortable spot.

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