How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

A golf cart can be an enjoyable experience! If you’re considering buying your first or fourth one, you may wonder if an electric model is a right choice. We frequently get inquiries about the life span of the battery in a golf cart, and we’re here to provide you with the details you require to make the best choice for your golf cart’s use and budget.

If you have additional concerns about buying golf carts or are interested in knowing more about the difference between gas and battery-powered models, get in touch via email or phone at 919-500-7767 for a chat with one of our representatives right now. If you’re looking for more information, learn more!

Golf Cart Batteries

If you own an electric golf cart powered by batteries, it is essential to correctly charge it and maintain your cart to ensure that your battery can last for as long as is feasible. If you are taking care of the battery in your golf cart, you can anticipate it to last between five to 10 years.

What Factors Affect Golf Cart Battery Life?

Many factors could affect the life of your cart’s battery, depending on the use and charging habits. Also, special Golf cart features could draw more power on your drives. If you take a trip to the local golf club to play a round and return using your cart a few times during the week, the battery will not be as durable as a person who drives their cart out on weekends or during specific times of the year.

How Can I Prolong My Golf Cart’s Battery Life?

Be careful not to overcharge your battery as the process can cause damage to it. Install an automatic charger that shuts off when the battery is fully charged. You can also create a timer to ensure you’re reminded to shut off the manual charger. Make sure to set the batteries at the end of each usage. If someone tells you to drive the cart until the batteries have died, then you should explain to them that the experts from J’s Golf Carts warn against this – lead-acid batteries will not be as durable if they charge them completely.

It is also essential to wash the batteries and monitor the water level frequently. Every month, at a minimum, should be enough. Make sure you use distilled water to the correct mark while filling up the water level.

Don’t forget to do not leave any electronic devices on. Lights, radios, and other devices could drain your battery and leave you in the middle of the road. If you want to ensure that your battery lasts for as long as it can, be cautious when driving. Be careful of steep slopes and do not over-weight the vehicle.

When Should I Replace My Battery?

If you’re noticing that it’s taking a much longer climb up hills or a rise in the time to charge, it’s time to begin looking for a new battery. We’re happy to supply our clients with all the necessary maintenance and repairs, so should it be time to get an upgraded battery, get in touch with us now! Are you interested in on-site or pickup-up golf cart services? We’d love to help you plan the best possible option.

We’ll also be able to inform you about some of our most popular service plans that can aid in maintaining the performance of your golf cart over the years. If you’d like more information about them or require assistance installing a new battery, contact us via email and call 919-507-7767.

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