How To Choose Lighting For Your Home


Bedroom  :

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is the place where you go to relax, sleep, and rest. So, you need to make sure that your bedroom is well lit yet still relaxing. 

You can install a dimmer to lower down the lights and a chandelier to make the room more dramatic. 

You can also install sconces on your dressing table to make dressing up much easier for you. If you like to read, you can install swing arm lamps near your bed.

You can install recessed lighting in your walk-in closet, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

 Recessed lights are ideal because they do not consume a lot of space but they can make the room bright and organized.

See to it that you consider the size of your bedroom as well as your bedroom habits when you choose a lighting fixture. If you have a large bedroom, you may want to install lights at different parts of the room. 

If your bedroom is small, you may want to opt for a lighting fixture that can illuminate the entire room without taking up a lot of space.

If you like to watch TV before going to bed, you can install ambient lighting. If you do yoga on your bedroom floor, you can also install overhead indirect cover lighting.

Moreover, you can use colored lighting to make your bedroom more fun and exciting. You can use lava lamps or colorful light bulbs.

Living Room :

The living room is where you relax and entertain company. Thus, you should choose a lighting fixture that can make your living room functional and comfortable at the same time.

You can have wall-mounted lights and freestanding lamps to provide general lighting. You can also have a table lamp, floor lamp, or reading light to provide task lighting.

You can use light layers to bounce illumination throughout your living room and eliminate shadows from the corners.

You can install a burnished metal chandelier to create layers of light as well as make your living room appear more sophisticated. 

You can also install twin sconces to define areas around mirrors and provide soft accent lighting.

 Chandeliers are actually the most classic of all lighting fixtures. If you want to install a chandelier, you have to position it in the center of your living room, directly over your main seating area. 

Chandeliers add visual appeal and illumination to any room. Their sculptural shapes can fill any void between your living space and ceiling. If you want to have varying light levels, you can install dimmer switches in your chandelier’s lighting circuit.

If you are using sconces, make sure that they are at eye level.

You can equip them with glass diffusers or shades to soften their light. It is also much better to install sconces in pairs, on both sides of your fireplace or over your mantelpiece. 

They can help define the focal point of your room as well as provide accent lighting that complements the light coming from your fireplace.

Kitchen :

Many years ago, most homeowners use fluorescent lighting fixtures to brighten up their kitchens. Today, homeowners usually prefer recessed lighting and pendant lights. 

If your house is quite old, you may choose pendant lights over recessed lighting. On the contrary, recessed lighting might look better in your new home.

When installing a lighting fixture, you have to make sure that every element is illuminated properly. This includes your sink, range, and table. You can install recessed or task lighting over them. 

Ideally, you should install task lighting between you and your work space to prevent any shadows.

You can make your kitchen appear like it has been professionally designed by using cabinet and soffit lights. 

Bathroom :

A lot of people have difficulty designing their bathroom. Ideally, your bathroom should be well lit to avoid any accidents. If your bathroom is dark or not properly lit, you may not see a soap or puddle of water on the floor. 

When it comes to choosing lighting for your bathroom, you should go for lighting fixtures that provide adequate lighting yet allow you to set the mood.

For example, you may want your bathroom to be dimly lit when you take a bath to provide a more relaxing.

For the general lighting, you can install sconces on your walls and bathroom mirror. You can also install soft pendants or a tiny chandelier over your bathtub to add aesthetics to the room.

Task lights generally have very low wattage, which makes them perfect for achieving a soft and relaxing ambience.

You can also use a pendant fixture with a translucence shade to provide ambient lighting and decorate your bathroom at the same time.

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