How To Decluttering Your Home


Clutter doesn’t take much to creep in and invade your home. Dealing with it daily is the only way to avoid the overwhelming feeling. Don’t give piling up a chance. Every day you tackle puts you one step closer to being clutter-free.

Before you start de-cluttering, here are a few things you need to make it less of a chore and more of a fun activity for you:

A set amount of time: Whether you only have 10 minutes or 3 hours, you need work with gusto. Do what you can with the amount of time you have and you’ll be further on than you were the day before.

Bins and garbage bags: For storing clutter and making it easy for you to dispose or sort them out later.

Timer: Setting up a timer can give you extra motivation and can challenge you to do more in the time that you have.

Something to watch or listen to: Put on some music. Listen to that podcast you’ve been wanting to get through. Watch that TV show your friends told you about. Now is the time to do it. killing two birds with one stone.

1- Living Spaces :

Sample products designed to help you declutter and organize your living room:

– Nesting TV trays

– Gaming stands

– Magazine racks

– Bookcases

Different people have different living rooms. Keep in mind your own unique needs and wants when going through the process of decluttering. Adding furniture may seem counter-productive, but they can help organise the room. Take a careful look around and check if you need to put in a magazinestand, or a coat rack. A nice-looking chest can also double as a coffee table to save space and store some items.

If you are fond of providing entertainment, or if you have kids in the house, a nesting table can come handy. Have one table or desk for playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, or making crafts in one corner of the living room. Place a box on the focal point in the living room. The assortment of items that tend to be around can all be placed in this one spot.

If reading is your thing, set up bookshelves or magazine racks so books don’t get strewn all over the place. Use vertical shelves to store music and movies collection. Get a big chest for toys so the kids can clean up after playing.

Check out the hall closet next to your living room. Is there clutter everywhere? Keep the hallways free of any obstruction. This improves functionality as well as the aesthetic appeal.

2- Bedrooms:

Sample products designed to help you declutter and organize your bedroom:

– Shoe racks

– Clothing bins

– Drawers with organizers and dividers

Sort through your clothes and weed out the ones that are no longer of use. Put away clothes that are seasonal or aren’t worn. Follow a rule wherein you choose to throw or give out anything that you haven’t worn in a year or two. This way, you simplify your decision making. Only you can decide which time frame to use, and be sure to stick to it.

Categorize your hanging clothes into groups. One side for the long ones, and the other for the short ones. Underneath the short hanging clothes, you can place a basket, a shoe rack, or other handy storage units. Subdivide your clothes according to type. This will bring about a clean and organized aesthetic in your closet.

3- Bathrooms:

Sample products designed to help you declutter and organize your bathroom:

– Cosmetics organizers

– Customizable horizontal and vertical shelf dividers

– Layered hooks and Towel bars

The bathroom is the sanctuary for taking care of your body.

Check if you have enough waste baskets. Make sure these are well-covered with a retractable lid to keep the sight and odours away from plain view. Next, consider your shower caddy. Instead of keeping small ones, replace them with a large one. Get multi-tiers to keep your soaps and sponges organized.

4- Kitchen:

 Sample products designed to help you declutter and organize your kitchen:

Expandable shelves

– Pots and pans hangers

– Drawer dividers

– Netting plasticware

– Vertical shelf dividers

– Tiered spice racks

Install collapsible shelving, rotating circular shelves and hooks. This can help you use dead space. Pay attention to installed drawer and cabinet organizers in your kitchen. These can hold rows and rows of stuff that you may be of great use to you when you take time to organize your kitchen.

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