How To Decorate A Bedroom In The Style Of Pop Art?


In accordance with the size of the room, it can accommodate a complete bedroom set with a dressing table and bedside tables or put only one bed with a built-in wardrobe. It is more important to observe the fundamental rule of contrasting design. Bedroom in the style of pop art can be sustained in a black and white combination, but the role of the accent spot will play a bright red shade on the lamp or a crimson pillow. Even a pastel scale is possible, but colors are chosen according to the rule of harmony of contrasts: for example, combine blue with pink or turquoise with purple.

Create the right interior in the bedroom is also not very difficult. The bed can be in the center of the composition. Cozy will add textiles with interesting prints and other interior accessories. 

Do not use a lot of different colors and shades, and it is better to create one, because the purpose of this room for relaxation.

Choose a light coffee wall decoration, a large poster of some celebrity, a bed with an ivory coverlet and an acid-green pillow. It can be any light tone in combination with the wallpaper in the cell. The gray background with a bright orange impregnation in the form of a bed cushion and a puffin looks fine. It is appropriate to be in the bedroom a round bed with bright pillows and floor lamps. Creating a style of pop art in the interior of this room, remember that everything in it must be harmoniously matched.

Bedroom in the style of pop art: decoration

In many cases, the finish in the bedroom becomes monochrome, where the floor, ceiling and walls differ little in color and tone.

Floor. A good solution would be a solid carpet with an average pile height.

Ceiling. Its design in the bedroom usually assumes the possibility of mounting the backlight, so most often a preference is given to a stretch or filament version.

Walls. Most often, their finish is monophonic, neutral in color or similar to textiles and furniture, only slightly lighter, and combined with a variety of decorative panels or wallpaper with geometric patterns.

Bedroom in the style of pop art: furniture

The best for these bedrooms is suitable for simple furniture. In some more kitschy variants, a canopy may appear over the bed or its back will be a decorative panel at the headboard.

The bed is large, simple, with a large headboard at the head or almost without it.

The closet is best built in, with a facade similar to a decorative panel.

Bedside tables: in the tone of the bed, small, clear shape.

Dressing table : it may not be at all, can have a glass countertop.


Depending on the color scheme of the interior, the fixtures can be different.

– Simple, resembling white balls or cubes.

– Similar to the classic.

 – Bright, with an emphasis on color and unusual shape.

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