How To Decorate The Kitchen?

When creating a kitchen in the style of pop art, you need a more developed imagination than investment. Often kitchen furniture has a bright color and bizarre shapes, so it takes a few strokes to complete the image.

Kitchen in the style of pop art: decoration

Since the furniture used for the kitchen is usually very bright, the decoration of the room should be generally neutral.

Floor. When decorating the kitchen is better to pay attention to vinyl linoleum of neutral or dark color. It is better not to abuse the picture, with a small area, the floor will look as if something was scattered over it.

Ceiling: Most often there is a solid color. It is possible to use a ceiling skirting and lighting.

Walls: They play the role of a single-colored background for bright furniture or, on the contrary, light furniture is shaded by saturated walls.

Kitchen in the style of pop art: furniture

 Furniture should be monophonic and as simple as possible in form. Small kitchens also need to be decorated.

Kitchen set – a small set of furniture in bright colors.

The table is small, square or round, a plastic worktop or a folding structure that is attached to the wall is acceptable.

Chairs or stools – are selected depending on the style of the rest of the situation.

Technique: can be the brightest colors. Washing is made of stainless steel of absolutely any shape you like.

For small kitchens of standard apartments, ready-made kitchen sets with widths of 1.5, 1.8 and 2 m are still manufactured. Furniture for the kitchen can be chosen from their number, the main thing – to make sure that it does not have any surfaces that imitate wood or stone. The facades should be bright and monotonous. Handles are best to choose a small round without decor.

Kitchen in the style of pop art: decor


Bright colors, non-standard shapes and a combination of completely different lamps will suit the kitchen in the style of pop art. It is desirable that they do not hang too low. It is acceptable to use any kind of illumination: point, line, neon.

Decorative elements and techniques:

To decorate the walls you can use posters and photographs of antique dishes.

Textile. For the kitchen in the style of pop art, the coloring of peas is great, and, the larger, the better. The same is true for strips of all kinds. If you want the kitchen to look a little more reserved, you can decorate it in black and white, using textiles