How To Decorate Your Garden And Bathroom

1- Garden

Our garden is our bridge to nature. Inhaling the sense of responsibility with it, it also requires a sense of creativity and desire. Decorating your garden will surely show your personality and perceptions toward nature.

Garden’s Entrances made By Creativity :

Your garden’s entrance will show how respectful you are to nature. This will be admired then by people who see it. You can start with a pattern of discrete spaces connected with passageways. You can add different kinds of flowers that are available in your garden. Add some unique rocks and create beautiful patterns. Keep in mind that the more colorful, the more admirable it is.

Finished Corner :

It would be much admirable if you will use ornaments in finishing your decorations style for your garden. Just make sure that whatever style you build, you felt happy and satisfied about it.

2- Bathroom

You can make your bathroom looks great by applying more powerful themes and designs. You can still show off your inner personality and moods. This will be portrayed by the style that you give in.

Here are some popular Bathroom Decoration for you:

Innovative Bathroom :

If you want to transform your bathroom to appear in a very modern style, put there a lot of reflective surfaces. Glass elements are good for this style. It doesn’t require a very colorful looks. Sometimes, black, gray or white is enough to build up some class. To be more distinctive, you can also add some geometric figures and decors in it.

Country Inspired Bathroom :

To achieve a country inspired bathroom, go for organic style. Wood, plants and antique elements will absolutely complete your desire. You may also prefer natural colors such as brown and green. To add more natural effects, you can use birds, trees and wagons as a motif.

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