How To Decorating Your Home According To The Available Space

When you plan on starting an interior design project, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the available living space. Even if you are planning on decorating a single room, you still have to think about the space existent in that particular room. Once you have considered the existent space, it will be easier to plan your next steps.

Space as an element of interior design :

It goes without saying that space is one of the essential elements of interior design. In simple terms, it refers to the physical boundaries of a property and its divisions/rooms. While the dimensions of a room cannot be modified, at least not without extensive works, it is more important to decorate a room, so that you use the existent space to your advantage. It is also true that space can be limiting; when you have to deal with a small space, it is recommended to avoid using too much furniture and also accessories. On the other hand, a large space benefits from the usage of multiple furnishings.

Small space decorating ideas :

If you are planning on decorating a small space, you should definitely pay attention to the following ideas. Keep in mind that a small space has a lot to offer, especially if you avoid using too many element of interior design. The most important thing is that you do not feel overcrowded but rather comfortable in that respective space.

For book lovers, one of the best ways to save space is to use extra-tall bookshelves. These will allow you to store a lot of books, plus you can use some of the shelves for extra storage. A clever idea would be to use sliding bookshelves, as these can easily make the transition from one room to the other.

What happens when you do not have enough space for a pantry?

You should know that shelves can come to the rescue once again. Use one of the walls in your kitchen for a shelving system, which will allow you to store everything you would have had in your pantry. If you would like some extra storage space, you can use one of those basket storage carts; these can be kept under the kitchen island, when not in use.

One of the less used spaces in a property is the one located under the stairs. This area is often overlooked, as it has genuine potential for storage. You can incorporate drawers under the stairway and maximize the potential of this space. Or, if you want, you can create an ingenious dressing, using it for long-term storage (for example, winter clothes can be stored in there). What matters is that you do not leave this space unutilized, especially if you are living in cramped quarters. Once again, it is essential to make the most of the space you have available.

If you are re-decorating your bedroom and you are worried about the available storage space, perhaps you should consider purchasing a bed that comes with plenty of opportunities for storage. Such beds are part of the smart furniture concept, having cabinets at the top, on the sides and under the mattress. Without even realizing it, you are gaining a lot of storage space, while enjoying a comfortable bed at the same time.

Large space decorating ideas :

Sometimes, it can seem much more difficult to decorate a large space, rather than one which is small in size. If you are planning on starting such a project, you should pay attention to the suggestions below.

One of the best ways to divide a large space and create multifunctional areas is with the help of curtains. These can be mounted from the ceiling, dividing an otherwise large space into several areas. For example, you can use pull-down curtains, in order to separate the living room space from the one used for dining. As an alternative, you can use shades, playing with different fabrics, textures and colors.

A space that is generous in size can be challenging to decorate, as you will never get the feeling you have added enough elements. In order to create and maintain a feeling of comfort, it is recommended to use large pieces of furniture, making sure that these match one another. The space will come together with the usage of accessories, such as comfort blankets, throw pillows and elegant lamps. Once again, it is important to mix and match these accessories, making sure that the whole room looks good.