How To Style Your Fireplace, Dining Table And Window For Christmas Holiday


Fireplace :

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel.Keep these ideas in mind when decorating:

– Putting a mirror or a piece of art on center above the fireplace 2⁄3 thelength of the entire mantel adds a great focal point.

– Candles are always a nice touch, there are also electronic candles available online in most major stores.

– Adding smaller tapered accessories in the middle of the mantel ranging inheights is a great way to draw attention to the center of the fireplace. You can taper them up or down depending on your personal preference. Ipersonally, prefer to taper my accessories up on the outer edges of the fireplace.

– Hang your stocking in the same direction and if possible at equal distancesfrom one another.

If you don’t have a real fireplace- don’t worry! There are plenty of alternate options if you have stockings and want to hang them up but don’t know what to do.

– If you have a shelf: try hanging a string or ribbon from the supportbrackets and use clothes pins or more ribbon to tie your stocking to your ribbon/string. Try decorating your shelf with garland, candles, lighting, art, and accessories for a more festive look!

Dining Table :

Adding one large living plant to your dining room tablescape is the perfect way to center a table. Usually a rectangular pot looks best on a rectangular table, and acircular pot looks best on a circular table.It also looks nice to group plants in threes. You could use circular vases in place of arectangular pot on a rectangular table or on a round table.Styling a dining table table is also called tablescaping. There are a million differentways to set your table for Christmas but here are a few of my favorite ideas! A minimal table setting is always a great timeless way to set a table. Adding a small piece of greenery makes a table setting much more inviting.

– A simple white table cloth with a matte black plate and gold silverware withdark red flowers make for a sexy Christmas Table setting. 

– Adding a little gold to a white setting also is a great way to make yourChristmas table sparkle!

– To make a rustic table setting all you need to do it add a rustic wood chargerand a cute plaid napkin!

Window :

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your windows:

– Wreaths- hanging a wreath “(or several) by a ribbon in your window is agreat way to affordably add some great texture and color to your room.

– Ornaments hung by a ribbon. Just like the wreaths ornaments can add afun pop of sparkle into a room.

– Hanging Pine Cones- just like the wreath and the ornaments, pine cones can be a fun addition to your windows.Using a frosted window spray paint also makes for a fun window treatment in addition to the hanging ornaments.

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