How To Use Space Efficiently In Your Home

Whether you live in a tiny house, or one with more square footage than you think you need, using the space we have efficiently is important. In this article, you will find tips on making your space work for you. Going room by room, we will look at ways to ensure the flow of the room is appropriate and works for how you need it to function.


This room usually has many uses in a family. Some call it the family room, sitting room, etc. but whatever you name it, the room itself usually serves the same purpose. When considering how to use the space, make a list of the activities that you do in the room.

Common uses for the living room include:

– Watching television

– Visiting

– Playing games

– Music lessons

Determining the Flow and Function of a Room:

– Determine the ways the room can be divided up based on your list for that the room is used for.

– Stand in the doorway and simply look at it as if it were empty.

– Take note of where the windows are, the outlets, and anything built in.

– From there, start to divide up the room.

– Consider and list the types of furniture that would be helpful in the room as well.


The bedrooms are major. Each bedroom seems to have different functions. Using the worksheets, go from bedroom to bedroom, and make lists of what each person uses their room for, and ask the person as well.

Common uses for the bedrooms include:

– Sleeping

–  Reading

– Relaxation

– Exercise


The home office can take on a new life when it is set up properly. People used to have a home office as a standard in the home, but now, most people only have one if they work from home. Whicheve side you fall on, an office is a good place to store the computer and office supplies such as paper, printer, pens, paper clips, and stamps, to name a few items.

Common uses for the home office include:

– Working

– Paying bills

– Homework

– Reading

As you make the list, continue to visualize the ways to divide up the room. The visualization work is helpful because when you see how you want things in your mind, it makes it easier to reach your goals.

4- Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home in most cases. Think of the ways you use the kitchen besides cooking. What activities happen in this room?

Common uses for the kitchen include:

– Eating

– Cooking

– Visiting with friends

Visualize the ways that this room brings you joy, and how you use the area. When thinking of the kitchen, it is great to see in your mind what you hope to add here as well. What feeling would you like to have encompass this room?


Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to organization and usage. Being comfortable in here is important too.

Ask yourself the following question as you determine the ways you the bathrooms in your home: How do you use the bathroom?

Common uses for the bathroom include:

– Toileting

– Showering/ Bathing

– Beauty and grooming

The need for organization is great in this room. It is often the room that is used most often by all the family members. Imagine what you want to room to look like.