Importance Of Lighting In Interior Design


When it comes to interior design, it is a well-known fact that the choice of lighting fixtures and/ or systems can either improve or cause damage to the atmosphere of a room. Each part of the living space needs some sort of lighting; you can use modern lighting systems to create an ambient or highlight the features of a room. Good lighting can give a whole new atmosphere to a living space, this being the reason for why you should pay increased attention to such elements.

Lighting scheme :

The moment you begin to plan your home decoration project, you need to also think about a lighting scheme. Take into account the installation of the lighting fixtures and where they are going to be placed, in accordance to the existent furniture. Floor sockets are great, as they can be hid under the furniture. Try to consider how you are going to use the respective room, as this will help you choose the right lighting fixtures. For example, the lighting scheme will be different for a home office as opposed to a living room, in which you will entertain guests.

Downlighting :

Downlighting can provide you with a unique atmosphere but it has to be used in the right manner and for the right room. It is also essential that, during the day, you rely on the natural light coming in from the windows and not on an artificial source of light. At night, downlighting can be used to create an ambient, allowing you to feel relaxed and at peace in that respective place. It is a great choice for the dining room or even for a reception space.

Spotlights :

Part of the modern design trend, spotlights can represent a great addition to any room or living space. You can use them to highlight architectural details or specific features. The tendency is to place them at the level of the ceiling but also in the corners of the room, thus creating a special effect. It is also recommended to opt for adjustable spotlights, so you can adjust them according to your current mood.

Unique lighting fixtures :

Step away from the traditional lighting systems and consider unique lighting fixtures for your home. Place table lamps at different points, so that you create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Use picture and wall lighting, thus drawing attention to elements of interior design and creating a beautiful atmosphere at the same time.

Dining room lighting :

When it comes to the dining room, you should pay increased attention to the lighting fixtures. The lighting in this room or space should never be too intense but rather subtle, in order to deliver the perfect atmosphere for dining.

Living room lighting :

If you have a seating area in the living area, this needs to have its own lighting system. Library lights can be used for the sofa, while each of the armchairs can benefit tremendously from the usage of elegant table lamps. Lampshades can add elegance to any room but you need to make sure that they are a match with the rest of the elements you have used for the actual decoration.

Staircase lighting :

Not many homeowners pay attention to the lighting of the staircase; in fact, this is one of the most neglected areas of the house, with regard to such matters. Interior design experts recommend that you install directional lights, as these can provide you with sufficient light, without being too bright.

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