Making The Most Of Small Spaces

Cramped spaces and tight corners may seem pointless in the mission to decorate your home but don’t ignore the importance of small spaces.

Little details do make a big difference. If small spaces could talk, they might say,  “[ Don’t] laugh at me… just because I am small.” They are just waiting for a decorator to look at them with a new eye and see their potential, not their limitations.

When you don’t have control over the layout and architecture of your house, you have to make the most of what you have. You have to get smart and create the impression of space through creative use and design of what is available. Ignoring the small spaces and leaving them bare can unnecessarily rob your home of both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Color Choices :

Light or bright paint colors are one way to enhance the feeling of space. Pastel blues, greens, grays, yellows and creams work well for opening up the feel of a room. Keep the accents and trim subtle by keeping the color scheme in the same tone family. For example, light blue with a navy trim or stenciled border. If natural light is plentiful in your small space, paint the ceiling in a contrasting color to draw the eye up and give the illusion of height. Leave windows as bare as possible, balancing with the the need for privacy, to let in the light and let the view serve as a visual extension of the room.

Contrast Creates Space :

One thing to be wary of is saturating a small room with too much small furniture. It only accentuates the lack of space when your goal is to create a more spacious feel. Instead, she prescribes contrast by placing a single large signature piece to attract attention and distract the viewer from noticing the room’s cozy size. The combination of distinct colors and sizes keep the focus on the variety within the room rather than the volume of space.

Order On Purpose :

Organization equates to intentionality in the design, which inspires a sense of calm, safety and order and makes people comfortable using the room.

Multipurpose Saves Space :

Look for furnishings that will serve a dual purpose. For example, an table with empty space underneath for storage or a coffee table that expands for a family game night. Anything that can double as a chair is decorating gold when space is at a premium. one-piece bedroom sets that also act as a dresser, a desk, sitting or play area; and pretty storage baskets for organizing the chaos while adding style to the room can all bring functionality to a small space while complementing your overall design scheme.

Vertical Organization :

Shelves, drawer organizers and vertical or overhead storage can multiply available space for organizing your things, which relieves the stress of too much stuff, too little space clutter. The beauty of overhead storage is that it gets your stuff up off the counters and frees up cupboard space for other things, giving you more space in the middle ground where you and your family conduct the business of daily living. It’s amazing how much stress drains away when everything has a place and the entropy of disorder is not constantly pulling at your time and energy.

The more you discipline yourself to keep things organized, the more you will be able accomplish with a small space; both in terms of practical use and beauty, not mention the peace of mind when you can just relax and enjoy the space.