The Most Expensive Golf Equipment at Pro Shops

There’s always a sense of anxiety when you enter the shop of a pro. The fear of looking at the massive price tag on the newly designed golf club. It’s a common experience for all. But, there are also low-cost equipment brands available at the professional shops. These are the brands that most people choose to save money on. We won’t be focusing on these today since we’ll show one of the more expensive equipments for golf.

Price is a significant element when it comes to making a purchase. But, the product you purchase must be something that you enjoy!

Most Expensive Golf Equipment

Honma Beres 5-Star

The first one on our list. It is the Honma Beres collection in a golf club. Honma is a well-known high-end brand. Their products are in the high price range.

Honma Beres Honma Beres’s complete set of 10-12 golf clubs will cost up to 60,000 dollars. This makes it among the top golfing equipment. When you first take a look at the club, you’ll understand the reason for its price. It is made of 24-karat gold and comes with its woods, driver, and irons. In addition, you can have your name inscribed on the clubhead and the shaft. If you feel that it’s too flashy, there are 10-12 colors to pick from to personalize.

Powakaddy FX3 18Hole 3-Wheels

Golf Trolleys have developed through time. The traditional trolleys require golfers to carry the entire load of the trolley as well as the golf bags for 18 holes. The older golfers may have a bit more trouble than the younger ones, but it’s tiring for all. Technology has helped golfers play with motorized trolleys.

It is the Powakaddy FX3 is a motorized trolley that can run for an entire 18 holes. Additionally, it can fold in one click, which is part of the F.X. collection designed to offer ease for golfers. Self-sensing Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) to tackle steep hills also. But, these trolleys do not cost a lot. They are expensive. Powakaddy FX3 18Hole 3-Wheels with Lithium Battery costs a whopping RM 4,090.

Voice Caddie SC300i Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor

Launch Monitors are in enormous demand for golfers. They provide you with information from your golf swings, and it’s exact. Information such as:

  • Carry Distance
  • Swing Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Smash Factor

The Voice CaddieSC300i Swing Caddie is a portable launch monitor with a vocal output feature for easy use. Also, it is lightweight and sleek to allow for simple adjustments before use. It’s about the size of your smartphone. Compare it to a complete launch monitor, such as a GCQuad that could cost anywhere from $800 to $11,000. The voice Caddie SC300i Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor is available for sale for RM 2,550 on MST golf.

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Laser Rangefinder

Range finders are extremely useful for golfers who are professionals or not. It lets you track your distance from the pin or anything similar to hazards. There are various types of range finders, such as Callaway or Voice Caddie. The most affordable rangefinder from Callaway is priced at RM 1000, while The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Laser can cost upwards of RM 2,550.

It features an ability to stabilize for measurements to a flagstick far away and reduce the vibration generated by hand movements. It also provides a fast and steady measurement response, regardless of the distance. It is improved and shows the result of measurement in about 0.3 seconds.

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